Excursion: Saturday 15th July, 1.30pm. “Maldon Historic Reserve Flora Surveys”

Leaders: Euan Moore and Richard Piesse

Our July excursion will be to the Gower area of the Maldon Historic Reserve.  The purpose of the visit will be to look at some of the vegetation plots established by Ern Perkins around 2009 to monitor the effects of bush fires and fuel reduction burns on the native vegetation.  We will remeasure one or possibly two of these quadrats and demonstrate the methodology used.  We will also make a quick visit to another set of quadrats that have been subject to intense fire so that we can see the differences in impact between no fire, light fire and intense fire.  The bush is starting to show the effects of winter rain and approaching spring.  Some plants are already starting to flower and many herbs, including orchids, are starting to shoot.  The wetter conditions also mean that there is an abundance of fungi.  There will be a chance to explore the area to record and photograph those plants that are already flowering.

Meet: for 1.30pm departure from the Octopus car park (Duke St, opposite the Castle Motel) or 1:45pm at Smiths Reef dam.

Bring: water, afternoon tea, sturdy shoes and if necessary, wet weather gear.

Boot hygiene: Please clean your boots thoroughly before leaving home. On arrival at the excursion site, we will spray the soles of our boots with Phytoclean. 

The Field Trip will be cancelled in extreme weather conditions.