MonthDayMonthly Meeting
Speaker – topic
Leader – topic
DayOther event
FebFri 11thEuan Moore “Wild Taiwan”Sat 12th“Mt Alexander Cockatoo Rocks, Leanganook picnic ground”Mon 14thRoadside Clean-up
MarFri 11thAGM; Geraldine & Geoff Harris “Exploring Outback Queensland’s National Parks”Sat 12th“Crusoe Reservoir – morning bird and plant walk”25-28thAutumn SEANA – Portland FNC
AprFri 8thIan Higgins “The route ahead: from rarity to ….”Sat 9thIan Higgins “Campbells Creek Landcare Restoration work”Fri 15thGood Friday
MayFri 13thPeter Jacobs (Invasive Species Council) “Feral deer, managing and monitoring”Sat 14th“Seeding Victoria’s seed bank and the La Gerche walk, Creswick”Mon 16thRoadside clean-up
JunFri 10thDr Scarlett Howard (Deakin University) “Understanding the behaviours of native and introduced bees”Sat 11thCassia Read “Moss Foray”, Clinkers Hill Reserve  
JulFri 8thDr Melinda Waterman (Uni of Wollongong) “The Old-growth Moss Forests of Antarctica”Sat 9thMuckleford Forest and the Red, White and Blue mine  
AugFri 12thTanya Loos “Window strike: when birds hit windows”. Combined meeting with Birdlife Castlemaine DistrictSat 13thEureka Reef walkMon 15thRoadside clean-up
SeptFri 9thNick Carter (Deakin University) “Powerful Owl ecology – comparison of rural and forested environments”Sat 10thJulie Radford “Orchid nursery and laboratory visit”30th Sept – 2nd Oct; Weds 7th, 14th, 21st, 28thSpringtime SEANA, Peninsular FNC; Wednesday Wildflower Wanders
OctFri 14thCancelled: Georgie Custance (Threatened Species Conservancy) “Grevillea obtecta project and app”Sat 15thCancelled: Georgie Custance “Grevillea obtecta project and app”28th-31stGreat Southern Bioblitz
NovFri 11thDr Christina McCowan (Uni Melbourne) “Mycobacterium ulcerans (Buruli ulcer) in our native mammals in the wild”Sat 12thRichard Piesse “Fryers Ridge Wildflower Walk “Mon 21st Note change of dateRoadside clean-up
DecFri 9thMembers’ nightTues 13thPicnic, Castlemaine Botanical Gardens