A Recovery Plan for Native Fish

Aquatic ecologist, Dr Peter Rose, from the North Central Catchment Management Authority, will explain this plan at the AGM of Castlemaine Landcare Group (CLG).  CLG invite anyone interested to come along to the Castlemaine Community House (30 Templeton St) on Wednesday 22 May at 7.30pm to listen and enjoy the hospitality.

Peter will describe the work underway – riparian protection and enhancement; water for the environment; construction of fishways, and captive breeding and release of threatened fish. He will also discuss recent complementary work to identify and protect aquatic refugia in upland unregulated streams and establishment of ‘surrogate’ fish habitats in farm dams to re-stock waterways. The presentation will highlight existing partnerships with Landcare groups, and possible future avenues for Landcare groups to become more active in fish recovery projects.

Peter is an aquatic ecologist with over 20 years’ experience within the government, university, and private sectors.  Peter works at NCCMA as the Project Manager for the Native Fish Recovery Plan – Gunbower and Lower Loddon  He is also the Recovery Reach Coordinator for the Mid-Murray Floodplain Recovery Reach.  Peter manages large-scale restoration native fish projects including fishway design and construction, instream woody habitat reinstatement, riparian protection and enhancement, wetland rehabilitation, and floodplain-specialist fish conservation projects.