We Have Moved!

Our new website is now live.

All Castlemaine Field Naturalists Club members who receive emails from the club and those who have subscribed to our old website have been subscribed to our eNews on the New Website.  Subscribing to our eNews will keep you up-to-date with our activities.  We will not bombard you with emails but you will receive information about our next meeting, excursion and other activities such as Roadside Cleanups and Wildflower Wanders.

Learn about the fauna of the region with checklists for mammals, birds, reptiles and frogs. Find out more about dragonflies.  There is comprehensive information about the butterflies found in our region.

We have information about the Flora and Fungi along with links to our Castlemaine Flora website and information about some of the serious weeds that occur in our region.

You can find out what we do and read about recent and upcoming events in our Activities section.  The Projects section gives a brief outline of our projects to monitor the local environment.  You are encouraged to explore the region using walk brochures under Explore.  We plan to add more brochures as they are revised by club members.

We hope you enjoy using our New Website and keep coming back as we add more information and new pages.