Monthly Meeting:  Friday 9th September, 7.30 pm Uniting Church Fellowship Room, Lyttleton St

Speaker: Nicholas Carter (Deakin University) “Powerful Owl Ecology – comparison of rural and forested environments”

Deakin University’s Powerful Owl Research Team have been involved with Powerful Owls for over 20 years. At the core, the research aims to understand how increased urbanisation and landscape modification impacts this threatened apex predator, whilst also identifying solutions that can contribute to the conservation of the species. PhD student Nick Carter will describe how the team has been using GPS to track Powerful Owls to uncover the nocturnal exploits and daytime roosting sites of this extremely elusive species.  Tracking individuals year after year across different areas of Victoria, we learn more about how owls respond to their local environments and identify resources that are important to them; data that are key not only for our research but also local land managers and industry to implement effective conservation management and impact mitigation strategies.

Our guest speaker will follow the usual ‘observations’ session when members and visitors can share recent interesting sightings with an option to show a photo or two. If you have photos for the meeting, please email JPEG file(s) to Euan Moore ( by noon on Friday 9th Sept.

Please note that we are returning to the Uniting Church Fellowship Room for this and subsequent meetings this year, provided there are no changes to current Covid requirements.  We strongly recommend that you wear a mask during the meeting.

Nick Carter with Powerful Owl