Excursion: Saturday April 15th,10.30am, “Autumn Orchids”

Leader: Cathrine Harboe-Ree

Our April excursion will be a combined Castlemaine Field Naturalists Club and Australasian Native Orchid Society visit to several sites in the Maldon-Muckleford area in search of autumn orchids.

Meet: Note 10.30am start. Instead of our usual meeting place, we will meet at in the Downes Rd car park adjacent to the Botanical Gardens playground. We plan to visit at least two sites, with a break for lunch and concluding at 2-2.30pm.

What to bring:   Please ensure you are self-sufficient for the day by bringing your lunch, drinks, snacks and chairs, and wear stout walking shoes.

Boot hygiene: due to concern about spreading plant pathogens in our soils, please clean your boots thoroughly before leaving home (scrub off dirt and remove seeds).  On arrival at our first excursion site, we will be spraying the soles of our boots with Phytoclean. Again, we will brush dirt etc off our boots before leaving a site.

All welcome.

The Field Trip will be cancelled in extreme weather conditions or if there is a high fire risk.