Monthly Meeting:  Friday 14th April, 7.30 pm, Uniting Church Fellowship Room, Lyttleton St

Speaker: Ben Kurek, “Diversity of our local huntsman spiders”

Ben is an amateur arachnologist and nature lover specialising in Sparassidae (Huntsman spiders) of Australia.  He is a member of the Entomological Society of Victoria and is their spider specialist.

Ben is currently working on a field guide for huntsman spiders of Australia.

His talk, delivered by zoom to a live audience at the Uniting Church Hall will be on the diversity of local huntsmen, and the common ones you may find in your house, and will discuss if they’re dangerous. He will also debunk any common misconceptions about them.

There will also be the usual ‘observations’ session when members and visitors can share recent interesting sightings with an option to show a photo or two. If you have photos for the meeting, please email JPEG file(s) to Euan Moore ( by noon on Friday 14th April.

All welcome.