“Fryerstown Grevillea search”: Saturday 20th May 1.30pm

Leader: Euan Moore

Meet: at the Octopus (Duke St, opposite the Castle Motel) for a 1.30pm sharp departure.

Bring: Sturdy walking shoes, water, afternoon tea.

After a very successful search for the Fryerstown Grevillea (Grevillea obtecta) in the Fryers Ridge area last month, this month we will repeat our search in a section of Porcupine Ridge.  This Grevillea is a restricted range species that occurs entirely within our region and our aim is to better map its distribution to ensure its protection.  We are also finding out more about its preferred locations to assist with this mapping. 

We are using the ProofSafe app for threatened species monitoring that Georgie Custance told us about at her talk and excursion in February.  So if you can download this app on to your phone and check for updates before leaving home that would be useful (but not essential).  Information about how to access and use this app can be found on our website: ProofSafe

There will be some off-track walking, so this is a good chance to find other unexpected gems. Everyone is welcome.

For more information email Euan: calamanthus5@bigpond.com

Boot hygiene: due to concern about spreading plant pathogens in our soils, please clean your boots thoroughly before leaving home (scrub off dirt and remove seeds).  On arrival at our search site, we will be spraying the soles of our boots with Phytoclean. Again, we will brush dirt etc off our boots before leaving the site.

The Field Trip will be cancelled in extreme weather conditions or if there is a high fire risk.