Monthly Meeting:  Friday 13th October, 7.30pm, Uniting Church Fellowship Room, Lyttleton St.

Speaker: Kailee Savoia (Parks Victoria, Gariwerd), “Grampians/Gariwerd Ark – landscape scale predator control"

The Gariwerd National Park is renowned for its significant diversity of fauna species – 50 species are classified as threatened, including the Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby. Introduced predators potentially have an enormous impact on the wildlife of the park. The Gariwerd Ark project aims to deliver predator animal control and reintroductions of native animals such as the Rock Wallaby.

Kailee is the Gariwerd Ark Coordinator.  She will give us an overview of the Gariwerd Ark, including the ecology of introduced predators, their impact, and the control efforts that are being implemented.

Observations: Members and visitors are invited to share their interesting observations at the meeting. Please email any photos to illustrate your report as JPEG file(s) to Euan Moore ( by noon on the day of the meeting.